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Distinctive Human Resources & PHR Exam Prep offers the most extensive certification prep program on the market today for the active HR professional.  The comprehensive range of learning tools we offer includes study manuals, audio CD’s, flash cards, sample tests, online videos, and training games.

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I just thought I would touch base with you this afternoon to say thank you!  I ordered the CD set several months ago to assist me with my PHR test.  One of the CD’s was scratched so you replaced it at no charge, then I sent you several questions regarding the full education packet. Your customer service has been amazing and with everyone’s help at Distinctive HR I passed my test this morning!  Thank you for all you do and did everyday to help me achieve this goal!

- Stephanie Biffle

Lynn, I wanted to write a quick thank you to your company for your study games, practice tests and troublesome topic videos.  I took the SPHR this weekend and passed.  I truly feel that the competitive edge was having the Distinctive Human Resources materials along with the HRCI study books made all the difference.

- Laurie Ledonne

“I sat for the SPHR exam today and PASSED! It was my first attempt and his course made the all the difference in the world. I know if I didn’t have access to this course – I don’t believe I would have passed. The questions he has compiled were very similar in nature and tone to what was on my test. The videos were spot on with the information and the bonus was being entertained while learning. A giggle between the tears so to speak. Thank you!”

- Marianne Quinn

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Last question's answer (we'll return and post new questions in early February): #4, FLSA restricts the hours that youth UNDER 16 years of age can work and lists hazardous occupations too dangerous for young workers to perform. Total hours of work for 16 years and older workers is not regulated by FLSA. Therefore, the correct answer is #4. ... See MoreSee Less

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